Friday, 20 November 2009

A spot of wood chopping

Spent an hour or so this afternoon, chain sawing some wood. Tim had a go at the slab wood (waste wood from the wood mill) and after an hour or so, we had this pile of wood ready to split.
I'm not going to split it all at once, but like today, split enough wood to burn for the evening.
Whilst we were busy with the wood, our cat Lady, was busy annoying Holly dog. She sat on the roof of the tractor and squirmed around mewing at Holly, trouble was, Lady squirmed so much she fell off the roof onto the bonnet of the tractor. There was a look of panic in Lady's eyes as she thought she was going to fall into the Holly's paws. We didn't laugh much!!!!
For those keeping a score on how many ewes Finn has served so far. Well since we put him in with all the ewes, he's covered 7 more ewes in the last 2 days!!!!!!

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Jon Storey said...

Very satisfying, wood chopping, hard work but you feel good later when siting in front of a nice log fire.