Sunday, 29 November 2009

It's a year today since Tim's accident...

As I sit and type this blog, a year ago today at this time I was sat at Middlesbrough hospital with Tim sorting out just how bad the damage was to his hand.
So I thought as it's been a year now I'd post a few photos of the damage Tim did to his hand.
This first X-ray shows the bones that have been "mashed by the chop saw

This shows the same bones from the side view

This one shows the metal work that the consultant used to re-build the bones.
As you can see the bone to the little finger is all metal

I think this X-ray shows the best the amount of metal work in Tim's hand.
It looks like he could get a part in the X Men films!!!!
This final photo was taken just after Tim had arrived home and shows very clearly the large skin graft that has been added to his hand.
It's this skin graft that has now become "flabby" as the swelling on the rest of his hand has gone down and is to be "tidied up" next year.
We took more photos of Tim's arm, but they are a bit gruesome!!!!!
Needless to say, today, Tim has not been doing nothing more more strenuous that putting logs on the wood burning stove and keeping the dogs company on the sofa.
The weather forecast for this week, as it was for the same time last year, is snow!!!!!
But where has this last year gone!!!!!!!


Freyalyn said...

Mark reckons he's been overdoing it today!

Jenny Holden said...

Blimey, he did a proper job of that! What an amazing job the surgeon did. Sending lots of healing thoughts xx

Jon Storey said...

I assume that was a chain saw? They give me the "willies" but I use them for work and at home.


Tim is a very luck man, I hope the recovery continues to go well.

Cally said...

Goodness! You're right about the x-men comment! I'm glad it's healing well :o)