Sunday, 29 November 2009

Rain, Rain go away.....

We woke up to rain, and it has been raining on and off all day. After we had done the morning feed and check on the stock, we checked the ditches. Some needed clearing out, but on the whole, most were coping O.K with the rain. We checked them all again at 7pm to find that the ditch that runs to the lambing barn, was starting to overflow, as it can't cope with the volume of water from the fields above us. There is a large pond slowly growing in the back field, again due to the volume of water the ditch is taking. The stream that runs along the back of our property, which normally we have a good 12ft drop down to, was only a couple of feet below the banks of our fields. I bet when we get up in the morning, the bottom of the back field will be awash!!!!
We changed the raddle colour that Finn is wearing, he's now on Orange, with only 2 Black faced ewes left to cover. We think that had we put Finn in with all the ewes at the start, he would have covered all of them within 3 weeks, which is what we want for a tight lambing programme in April. It looks like we will start lambing on the 1st April and probably finish on the 1st May. Once I know all the date will post our actual lambing dates.

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Jon Storey said...

The rain up here on Sunday was unremitting, drenched morning and evening doing the horses and walking dogs.

Much better today, only a little snow this morning and frost tonight.