Saturday, 14 November 2009

A quiet week

It's been a bit of a strange week, this week, we've been watching for the bad weather coming towards us, but it seems not to be as bad as the weathermen had predicted so far.
On Tuesday I met my sister and eldest Hobbit for lunch in York. Eldest Hobbit was off school as he'd been singing at the Royal Albert Hall in the School's Proms the evening before, arriving home at 03.30 that morning. He was a little bit tired to say the least. A few nights ago, at York Minster, there was a rehearsal of what the local schools were singing, it was a lovely evening. Evidently there is a DVD of the Royal Albert Hall concert, one we will cherish, and something to embarrass eldest hobbit with in years to come.
On Wednesday, I had the interview in Leeds to become a lay member of the Employment Tribunal at Newcastle. The interview was "intense" to say the least, and my head felt like it was going to explode on the train ride home. I won't hear anything now until the New Year.
Thursday was supposed to be wet in the afternoon, but it was fine and mild all day so I took the opportunity to get some more of the pointing done at the back of the house. I've nearly got finished where the study is, and I don't know if it's psychological, but it seems warmer in the study already.
Friday was another mild, fine day, and as our neighbour is putting a lean to on his barn, and as one or two of the trees in our wooded area over hang where it's to go we spent the day cutting back branches and having a general tidy up of some of the other trees. Tim then spent a good couple of hours shredding the weedy twigs, with the thicker stuff going onto the new wood pile by the wall to mature for a year or two.
This morning when we got up, it was obvious that we'd had some rain overnight, but not the high winds that were forecast. We spent the morning doing the weekly "run around" shopping, finishing off with a visit to fellow smallholder Jayne to see Poppy Puppy, who is now quite large, and also to let Jayne know that time is up on Spotty Dog, he's showing no interest in any of the ewes, we all think he's gay!!!! But whilst chatting to Jayne, I also mentioned I was looking for some small sided display boxes for my fibre at next year's shows, and she has just the thing. I just need to work out sizing's and she will make them for me. Once less thing to worry about, let's just hope I get a stall at Woolfest again next year. Application was sent off this week and has been received.
Tomorrow I'm at a Fibre Assessment Day organised by the Shetland Sheep Breeders Society, this is the first one organised in the North and all my Shetland fleeces are loaded into the back of my car. Will give a report tomorrow, along with, hopefully, photos.

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Jon Storey said...

Sounds like an interesting week.

The Children's Mother used to keep Shetlands until a few years ago. We can't wait to start again, the freezer is looking a little bare!!

We seem to have got off lightly with the weather up here too, fingers crossed!