Monday, 17 March 2008

Why don't men believe instructions!!!!!!

Yesterday we did a check on what we needed for lambing, we have plenty of colostrum, but we need some milk. I'd already got the easy lambing and after lambing cleanser homeopathic solutions last month, now it's a check on the last minute things, like the lubrication gel, navel spray, milk and watery mouth. It was also the ideal time to check the other medications and sprays we have in the medicine cabinet.
Well we found 3 cans of foot rot spray that were 2 years out of date, so they needed to go. Now for some reason Tim decided to hit the pressurised cans with a chipping hammer!!!!! Once he hit the cans they flew up into the air spraying blue spraysolution everywhere. He and his coat now look like they have blue measles and I can tell you this coloured spray does not wash off!!!!! It clearly states on the tins, do not pierce the can!!!!!
We also gave the lads their mineral, wormer and heptovac injection and drenches. As Charlie was going through the handling system I noticed he'd got a bald patch on his side, nothing to worry about for the Wiltshire Horns as they do shed their fleece, but the bald patch revealed an abscess, which was on the verge of bursting. So it was a matter of stand well back and squeeze!!!! This morning you could hardly see where the abscess had been, but as I'd given it a squirt of antiseptic that is coloured purple, it's easy to spot.
Today I gassed a few mole runs that have appeared in the back field, I like to keep on top of them and not let them get too much of a hold in a field. I also managed to spend a couple of hours digging over some more of my veg patch before lunch. Some friends who have an allotment are growing a few extra veg plants for me this year.
Despite the warnings of severe weather this week, we have got off quite lightly, the winds have been strong, but no more than we are used to. The conifer hedge between us and next door rocked a great deal in the high winds, so we will have to cut them down to take some of the weight off the top to save the roots.
On Monday the Resident Vandal and Kiera dog arrive for a few days. Both Holly and Deefa are catching up on some sleep in readiness for their arrival.
It's Easter next weekend, looking forward to the 4 days off.

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