Saturday, 15 March 2008

The School Farm Club

Last year I did a session at a friends' smallholding for their son' school's farm club showing the children how to spin and how a sheep is shorn. Anyway I was asked earlier this year if I would do the same again, and so late Wednesday afternoon saw me sat in a very drafty barn showing 10 6 - 9 year olds how to spin and how a sheep was shorn. They all went away with a length of wool they had spun and some wool they had carded. This will go into their work books and the best one wins a prize at the end of the Easter term.
The class only lasted an hour but it was very draining, but great fun.
One of the things the children had done with the farm club was put some chicken's eggs into an incubator and the day I was there the chicks had started to hatch. You could hear the chicks cheeping inside the eggs.
Once the kids had gone I then spent a very cold hour gassing moles on the smallholding where the farm club had been held. Because the light was fading I decide to concentrate on the large breeding chambers, so I'm hoping that I've been able to make some inroads to their mole problem.


Elise said...

Great work.

Denise said...

Thanks, lets hope I can do the same in 2009