Sunday, 30 March 2008

The Hobbits arrive

The youngest hobbit travelled home with me on Friday night and after a large helping of Shepherds Pie he soon was asleep
Saturday morning we were all up and about early and had managed to have breakfast, walk the dogs and feed up all before 9am.
After a trip into Lealholme to visit the local bakery for lunch the next job on the list was to set up the lambing pens, straw them down and ensure that the water and feed buckets were clean. After lunch it was attack the chopped conifers in the yard. (Earlier in the week Tim had cut the very tall conifer hedge, between us and next door, down to a more manageable size. They had also become dangerous in high winds). We had just got finished when the rain started, which was good as junior hobbit was very tired. So much so he had to have a power nap on the sofa for an hour. Needless to say it was an early night for him.
This morning we put Yellow Neck, CA1, Brazil and Lilly into separate lambing pens. These are the ewes that are due this coming week, starting on Tuesday. Brazil and Lilly are not due until Friday, but both have bagged up well and we will not be surprised if they lamb before Friday.
Lunch time saw the arrival of the eldest Hobbit with is mum and grandma. He'd been at a sleep over party on Saturday, hence his later arrival.
As lambing starts on Tuesday, I'm now on holiday, from paid work, for the next two weeks, so as the lambs are born, I will, as last year, post pictures.
Now where's that glass of wine, it's going to be a very hectic next two weeks......

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