Sunday, 9 March 2008

Hedge laying and mole gassing

Despite the gale force winds on Saturday, we managed, along with the help from the hedge laying Hollands, to lay 22m of hedge. Thankfully there was only one large piece of hedging to lay, the rest being thinnish stems, but quite top heavy, so the wind did blow them about quite a bit. We would have got more done but a heavy rain squall stopped play. We knew we were in for a heavy storm as the sky got darker and the wind picked up, the ewes all of a sudden went into the barn. Once they moved you know it's going to be rough. After an hour or so it had stopped and we were able to walk to our local pub for a meal without getting wet.
This morning I've been out gassing moles on one of the local farms, it was a pleasant walk round the fields in the sun and we had a superb view of Ravenscar. The fields where the mole activity was, had been chain harrowed, so it was easy for me to see where the latest mole activity was and concentrate on those runs. A much more effective way of mole control.
This afternoon we finally gave the ewes their final pre lambing check over, mineral drench, wormer, heptovac and foot trim. Scooby arrived just as we were about to start so he was "press ganged" into helping, not that it's hard work with the handling system we have, no more turning sheep onto their bums, just push then through the mini crush and do all you need to do to them. Saves your back, and the sheep are not at all stressed!!!!
Next week I'm off to give a spinning demonstration to a group of school kids at a friends smallholding, followed by an hour or so of mole gassing. Let's hope the weather holds, but looking at the forecast I doubt it, we're in for a rough time.

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