Sunday, 23 March 2008

A snowy Easter

We've not managed to do a great deal this weekend, it's either been very windy or snowing. We were invited to 30th birthday party in York, as well as it being youngest hobbit's 6th birthday. We went across but watching the weather we decided to come home early and try and beat the advancing snow storm. We managed to get half way home before the snow hit and then we caught up to a slow moving convoy of cars, which made driving worse than it actually was. We decided to cut across country and after a very slow drive into Grosmont, the drive out was easy as there was very little snow until we got to Egton, then the snow hit again. I'm so glad my car is a 4x4!!!!
The ewes are spending most of the day in the barn out of the bad weather, only venturing out when the sun was shining. We're only 9 days away from starting lambing and all of a sudden a couple of the ewes have "bagged up" noticeable so over this weekend .
Hopefully the weather will improve soon as I've got another request to go and gas some moles at a local caravan park and whilst the weather is so damp, it's impossible to do. Looking at the forecast, it should be fine tomorrow, so it could be a very unlucky day for some moles.....
The Resident Vandal spent last week with us and because of the very windy conditions, working outside was not the place to be, so he and Tim did some work on RV's tractor, but after a while the sound of the wind whistling through the barn became a form of Chinese torture!!!!
It's taken Holly and Deefa until today to catch up on their sleep after spending so much time playing with Kiera Dog.
On Friday the youngest Hobbit arrives, his brother follows on Sunday, to spend a few days with us at the start of lambing.

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