Sunday, 2 March 2008

Another very windy weekend

We didn't get the hedge laying done this weekend, the Hollands had a crisis at home so we've rearranged the hedge laying to next weekend, and to be honest with the high winds we've had this weekend, we would have struggled to lay some of the much bigger branches of the hedge(more like small trees).
We also didn't get the ewes drenched, we found that we only had no drenching gun for the wormer. Normally we inject the wormer but seeking advice from the vet, we're changing our worming regime this year to using a drench to ensure that we don't build up a worm resistance to the wormer we have been using. So we'll do the ewes next weekend.
The wind was so strong you couldn't work outside it was the perfect excuse to catch up on paperwork, and put on the office notice board the due dates of all the ewes. All I can say is we are going to be very busy in April and I hope we don't have any problems as we won't have the capacity to keep a ewe and her lamb(s) in the maternity pens for more than 24 hours. But if we have to no doubt we'll create the extra pens if needed. We think we may have in excess of 30 lambs this year!!!!!!!
My friend Phillippa called this afternoon to discuss Woolfest, (she's sharing a stall with myself and Sharon), have a general chat and a look at May, the ewe we brought from her last year. May is the same age as Berniece and Beatrix, and has the same father, but this is the first year she has been put to a lamb and I know that Phillippa was concerned that she wouldn't conceive, but she's looking very pregnant, her due date is the 20th April.
We've started feeding the ewes twice a day now, their stomachs are small as most of their abdominal space is taken up with the lambs their are carrying. Despite their advanced pregnancy, when you put the feed into the troughs in the barn, they certainly can produce a fair turn of speed. You don't want to be stood in the way or be a little slow in putting the feed out. You will get mowed down in the stampede.
With all the high winds we've had this weekend we've had a good look round to see if there is any damage. There appears to be non to the buildings, but the hedge along the common land and the back field, the willows have lost their roots and leaning against the fence, so once the wind calms down we will have to take the chain saw to them and cut them down. Looks like we may not be able to use this field for the growing lambs as we normally do, as the fence now has quite a few gaps in it.
Despite not being able to do what we had planned it's not been a wasted weekend, the paperwork is up to date and just sometimes it's nice to not be on the go the whole time.
See you next week....

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