Sunday, 9 September 2012

A surprisingly good British Wool Weekend

I know this happened last weekend, but I've been wrestling with my phone to try and get it to upload the photos I took, but to no avail!!!
Anyway, last Friday Tim and I arrived at Hall 2 at The Great Yorkshire Showground, looked for my stall and I was a little concerned at how small my pitch was. A "massive" 2m x 2m, but thankfully on the end of a run so I had 2 open sides, which made my stall area much bigger. I was very pleased that I'd bitten the bullet a bought a spiral trouser rack from which to hang all of my dyed wool.
I have to say it looked very colourful with all the wool hung from it. I had borrowed a table from my friend Jayne, and this just fitted along the back wall of my stall, and I had decided to only take the fibre that I'd managed to repack and relabel with our new address.
I didn't stay over in Harrogate, but travelled both days as we are now only 50 miles from Harrogate and there was no one staying over that I knew.
Saturday was a manic day, I gave up putting the bags away that held my spare knitting wool as I was having to continually refill the carousel, and at one point 2 customers were busy rifling through the bags looking for some wool!!!!!
On Sunday, Tim was also with me, and the day started very quietly, but it did pickup by lunchtime. With Tim being here I was able to have a wonder around and I bought myself a new spinning wheel, a Schacht side kick, which is a lovely small travelling wheel. (I've still got my Lendrum, but she's about 20 years old and is starting to show her age), which arrived on Thursday and has been well tested.
Overall the weekend for me was a success and I will do this event again, next year, if it happens. Though I do know for one or two stallholders, it was not so profitable.

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