Sunday, 9 September 2012

Back at Saltburn Frmers Market & Big Knit Workshop

On Saturday I was back at Saltburn Farmers Market after a break for the summer. It was good to see my stallholder friends again, as well as my regular customers, and with the weather being warm and sunny, it was a day of lots of sales and lots of catching up with gossip!
Today I've been to MIMA in Middlesbrough attending a Big Knit workshop run by Ingrid Wagner. The knitting is done on very fat knitting needles (25mm circumference) using weaving waste, and cutting up old clothes, material and many stands of knitting wool. A row of knitting is an 1" deep, which makes your project grow very quickly.
It was good fun, sat out on the grass at MIMA, but I'm not sure where I will go with what I've learnt today. I did find the knitting needles too big for my hands, though I might try smaller big knitting needles to see what I can create, especially using my stash of  hand spun wool.
But now I've got to dye some more knitting wool and fibre in readiness for Christmas, as well as design some more knitting kits.
When did I have the time to work!

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