Sunday, 16 September 2012

Worming lambs and Spinning

Yesterday I took my new Schacht sidekick spinning wheel and my poorly Lendrum wheel to Tynedale SW&D Guild in Stocksfield, as my friends Joan & Clive, from The Woodland Turnery were giving a talk and running a spinning wheel workshop. And now thanks to Clive, my Lendrun is much better and running as it should be. But it was also good to be able to sit and spin on my new wheel. I wasn't the only one there with a Schacht wheel, two other ladies did. so I was able to pick their brains and gain a greater understanding of my new wheel. I'll be back to this guild in October as I've been recruited to their tea and coffee rota for their Spinners Day, but also they made me and Tim feel so welcome, I will be joining this guild in November.
Today we went over to my friend's smallholding to help worm one of our 3 fat lambs that are merrily eating her grass. As always when you only have a small number of sheep to move, they become very uncooperative, especially the Masham ram lamb. He has attitude, despite being slightly smaller than the other 2!! Thankfully the lamb we wanted to worm is bucket trained  so all we had to do was rattle the food bucket and he came running. We used a wormer that has a short meat withdrawal period as, hopefully, these 3 will be going into our freezer at the end of October.
Next Saturday, I will be in the Craft Tent at Stocksley Show, hopefully with my spinning wheel, fibre and hand dyed knitting wool. as well as Freylyn, Mark, Lunil and Bil coming to visit for the weekend. Should be good fun.

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Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth said...

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.