Sunday, 23 September 2012

Stokesly & Saltburn

Yesterday we were at Stokesly Agricultural show, in the Craft Tent, this is the first time we have done this show, we've attended as a visitor for many years, but his year decided to have a table in the Craft Tent. I took along my spinning wheel, as requested, and when we found our table in the marquee I was surprised at how small the table was, 6' x 2' and no room at the side of the table to set my spinning wheel up. So I put out my hand dyed wool and pot yarn holders on the table and set my wheel up, behind the table and started to spin. I'd packed 200gms of alpaca to spin, thinking that would last me all day. But it didn't, but mid afternoon it was all spun and plyed. Tim kept having a wonder around, as did I, and in fairness we did have some good sales, enough that we will book another table next year.
Halfway through the day we were joined by our friends Freylyn and Mark, plus their dogs Lunil and Bil. Whilst Tim, Mark and dogs went off round the show, Freylyn stayed with me in the Craft tent, with her spinning wheel. She did comment that whilst we were spinning she felt like a goldfish, with so much interest in what we were doing, but wouldn't mind doing the same again at next year's event. At 4.30 we packed up and headed off for home and a much needed glass of wine and an Indian takeaway.
Today, after the customary breakfast of Tim's special sausages, tomatoes, bacon, eggs, mushrooms and toast, a quick walk through Fairy Dell, then off to Saltburn for the dogs to have a good run on the beech, but also to see the gorilla knitting on Saltburn pier.
Here are some to the photos I took of the knitting:-

 But it would appear that the image of Prince Harry has been removed.
After a bracing walk along the beech, with the dogs running and playing, followed by a much needed cup of hot chocolate (coffee for Mark and Tim), we took the trip back up to the top of the cliffs on the funicular railway, and then a walk along the main street looking at the many different shops, back to the cars, and then home.
We will hopefully see Freylyn, Mark, Lunil and Bil at Masham next weekend.

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Mo and Steve said...

I'd love to see someone spinning at a show - great idea! Pleased you made enough to make you want to do it again :)