Friday, 25 September 2009

New Girls on the block...

We went to the Horned Ewe sale today with the intention of having a look and came back with these 10 ladies. They are pure bred Scottish Black faced sheep.
We had initially intended to bid for a pen of 4 cross breed ewes, but they went for silly money,
again, but a further investigation of the sales programme revealed a lot of 50 "scots" from the same lady farmer, we decided to put in a bid. We missed out on the first 2 lots, but got the 3rd lot, by some very carefully bidding on Tim's part. His time spent bidding on Ebay has not been put to waste. Despite being a hill breed, these girls were very calm around the farmer, had their tails docked and generally looked very happy.
They loaded into the trailer no problem and when we got them home and needed to get hold of them to check ear tags, they were no more difficult to handle than our girls.
At the moment they are in a paddock away from all our other sheep, we'll weigh, worm and heptovac them next week, and they will stay in isolation for 3 weeks, just to be on the safe side.
We're going to put them to Spotty Dog (the Suffolk tup), so it will be interesting to see how big their lambs are next year.


Jenny Holden said...

Congratulations on your new flock members. I like blackies. What are you going to breed them to?

Denise said...

We're going to put them to a Suffolk tup we are borrowing. Should be an interesting mix