Sunday, 27 September 2009

Bracken and Thistle bashing

On Saturday the Hedge laying Hollands arrived to help scythe down some bracken and thistles in one of our fields. I'd got some of it done a month or so ago, just as the thistles had started to flower, and this part of the field now looks like it is clear of thistles.
The last thing we wanted, was the weather we got, a beautiful fine sunny day, with no wind. Hacking back the thistles was very warm work, and thankfully we finished by lunch time.
After lunch we decided to do something less demanding, so we picked 8 1/2lbs of sloes and had just sat down for a very well deserved cup of tea when our eldest godson arrived with his partner and 6 month old son.
Here is the little chap gumming one of my home made ginger biscuits he'd pinched off his dad. Nothing wrong with his appetite.

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