Sunday, 6 September 2009

The munching marauders

As you can see the "munching marauders" are by the side of the woodland, against the new fencing, and yes, 2 of the little darlings have their heads through the ryloc eating the hedge. They have only been on this bit of grass for 24 hours, so tonight Tim opened the hurdle on the right to let them into an area by the side of the barn and up to the lambing barn to eat that grass down. They really are very effective lawn mowers.
This week we had a trip to visit my fibre supplier. The car came back 10 kilos heavier, now I just need to photograph it all and put on my on line shop. I've got some very interesting fibres this time, some seacell (seaweed), milk protein, several blends of coloured merino with silk as well as some gorgeous black bamboo.
It should be the end of my holidays tomorrow, but I will not be returning to work in York, I'm being made redundant and so I'm on "gardening leave" until the 7th March 2010, when my notice period ends and I finally leave Network Rail after 24 years. So I'm going to spend time getting the veg garden sorted out and really push the fibre, hence the on-line shop. Life will never quite be the same.....


Jenny Holden said...

Sorry to hear about your job Denise. These are not the easiest times we live in :o( Mind you, being on "gardening leave" until March doesn't sound too bad!

Sounds like you've been having a busy time :o)

Jaef said...

You "lawnmowers" are like my granddaughters' rabbits - they kept their patches noticably well trimmed. They (the rabbits) had a holiday with us for a 14 days. Their hutch was in a pen on our lawn. Now several weeks later, despite moving the pen around, the droughted lawn has vivid green patches of grass, dark brown patches and several attempted burrows. The green patches are about two centimetres higher than the rest of the lawn. Your sheepish "little darlings" are behavioural innocents! Enjoy the gardening leave.