Sunday, 27 September 2009

A day at Masham Sheep Fair for my birthday

Where has this year gone, it hardly seems 5 minutes since my big party weekend. But my birthday has come round again, so we went off to Masham Sheep Fair. We haven't been for at least a couple of years and in that time the sheep show is looking as if it's back to it's pre Foot and Mouth days.
We met up with some friends for lunch, before going our different ways to look at the sheep, fleeces and craft stalls. I'd taken some of my Shetland fleeces to sell on the Rare Breeds Stand. I managed to get one sold, which wasn't bad as they were only on the stand for about 3 hours. I also sold a couple of bags of rainbow dyed fleece on the North Yorkshire Smallholders stand. So a good day all round.
A bit of a P.S on our new ladies, a fellow smallholder came to see them yesterday and is convinced that some may be in lamb!!!!!!! Going to get Pete to have a look and pass his professional eye over them...... Will keep you posted


Poppy said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a good day out

Yarnspider said...

Happy Birthday (better late than never!) Hope it was a good one.