Thursday, 17 September 2009

A day of Hedge cutting & fleece washing

As today was mild and still. No wind being a rarity around here. Tim took the opportunity to cut the conifer hedge in the woodland, and as you can see from the photo he's cut it back a good couple of foot.
It's taken him all day as he's been picking up all the hedge trimming as he's been going along using tarpaulins under the hedge. The putting the trimmings in the trailer to be shredded later. It certainly made for a tidy job.
I on the other hand have been taking photos of fibre that is for sale through the on line shop, so hopefully now all the fibre I have for sale, should, over the next couple of days have pictures of people to see what they are buying.
I've also taken the opportunity to wash some fleeces and get them out in the sun to dry. The lovely honey coloured one is a Corriedale fleece, which is really soft and has long staples. I'm looking forward to spinning this one

The second fleece I washed, is supposed to be a Blue Faced Leicester fleece, but on closer inspection I'm not sure if it's not a BFL mule, and what is double disappointing is that the red sheep marker that has been used has not washed out, despite me washing the fleece in relatively hot water. So it looks like I will have to dye this fleece. If I do I'm going to dye it before I spin it for a change. Not sure what colour yet, but I quite fancy purple.

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Poppy said...

I have been busy wash wool too, lucky the Rayburn is being lit so I am just putting a big pan of wool on each night and then hanging it in hanging baskets out on the washing line in the morning once the water is boiling or running clear.