Monday, 25 May 2009

A week of dyeing and wrapping

I duly ordered the extra fibre from my supplier on Monday and it arrived in a large box on Wednesday. So every night this week (and for a few more weeks to come) I've been dyeing 500gms of the alpaca tops/rovings. I may not seem a lot, but over the week it's 2 - 3 kgs and then I've had to ball and label it all. Thankfully this weekend, the Resident Vandal and partner (now known as the mad scribing woman), were here for the weekend. Whilst RV and Tim got on with some concreting on Saturday, we balled and labelled the 4kgs of camel, 1kg of salmon pink, dusky pink and rainbow dyed alpaca tops. The dining table had a huge wall of fibre on it as we piled the balls of tops onto it. Some bright spark did suggest that we play "Fleece Jengo" with the wall as a fun way of packing it into their respective bags!!!!!! Still need to dye another kilo of purple, hot pink, and moss green (if I can remember the recipe) as well as 4kgs of rainbow and it's only 35 days to Woolfest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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