Sunday, 31 May 2009

A Weekend of Dyeing

With the sunny weather I've been busy dying alpaca rovings and drying them outside on the clothes horse, the fibre has fluffed up really nicely. I do enjoy drying fibre outside and because it can be really windy where we live, it doesn't happen very often. The reason for the mad dyeing this weekend is that later in the week Paul the tiler is arriving to tile the kitchen and utility room, so they will both be out of action for nearly a week!!!!!!!!!!!
I've also been busy in the veg garden, the last of the sprouts have been planted out along with the red cabbage plants. The area where the other beds are to go, the grass has been sprayed and is now ready to be rotovated. Just waiting for Scooby to arrive with the tractor and plough, who hopefully will call this coming week.
As Woolfest is now only 4 week away, the details of the stall etc arrived this weekend and as usual I'm in row H sharing a double stand with Phillippa (Wheeldale Woolcrafts). So if you are coming to Woolfest, come and say "Hello"

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