Sunday, 17 May 2009

He was only meant to take the shelves out!!!!!!!!!

As we had got some new bookcases for the room we call the "office", the shelving units we had been using to store books and other stuff on, one is to go into the garage, the other into the under stairs cupboard, with a little modification, which Tim did. On Monday he was to take the selves out of the under stairs cupboard. An easy job!!!!!!
At lunchtime on Monday Tim rang me to say that the selves were out, but in the process the render had come off the walls and he was now in the process of taking it off the other wall, so that he could replaster the walls!!!!!! How he intended to do that, he was unsure, but he was going to think about it!!!!
By Friday, he'd dry lined the cupboard, using the plasterboard left over from the renovation work we've had done, and on Saturday he was going to start to skim the walls. But by then his left hand was aching quite badly so he's been resting it over the weekend. He's hoping to get it all finished this week, but to be honest, I'm not worried if it takes a little longer as he needs to work to the pace that his hand will allow.
To his credit Tim has done a good job with the plasterboard, especially patching it all up and considering what happened 5 months ago, it's amazing that he's been able to do it at all.
Latest update on Tim's hand is that he's now been discharged from the Hand Therapist, or as Tim says "The Hand Terrorist has expelled him!!! It's now down to him to keep doing the exercises and keep using it (I don't think she meant plastering), and we see the consultant again at the beginning of July.

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