Sunday, 1 March 2009

Selling fibre via the internet

As a means to selling more alpaca and sheep fibre, I've finally grasped the Ebay nettle and last weekend I set up an account and posted 5 different colours of dyed alpaca fibre. A lady from Switzerland has bought 100gms of each colour!!!! I'm really pleased and hopefully when I post some more fibre I will have the same amount of success. I've also set up an Etsy account and have had 1 sale. Etsy is slower at selling, but I'm not restricted to a selling end date, so it's like having an Internet shop, which is great for getting people to know I'm selling. I've also found a firm that sells fibre, at trade prices, but not at huge quantities, the minimum quantity being 10kg. It may seem a lot, but to me it's about right at the moment. So I will be able to extend the range of rovings I sell. Look out for them at Woolfest

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