Sunday, 15 March 2009

A weekend of sheep

The Resident Vandal has been here this weekend to help with the ewe's pre lambing injections and general "once over". The ewes on the whole are not too bad in condition. Some of the older girls are still a bit thin, but are looking O.K. One or two of the ewes have started to "bag up" so we know we are not far from the start of lambing.
Missy is still giving a some cause for concern, she has now developed quite a bad limp. I've trimmed her hoof, but there is nothing to see, but her lower leg is quite warm which could signify that she has some sort of infection in her foot. So to be on the safe side we've given her a shot of antibiotics this evening and hopefully that will resolve the problem.
The weather this weekend has again been fine and warm and thankfully today the very strong wind from Saturday has gone, so I've been able to get some more of my veg garden dug over and the paths around the edge marked out. Keira, Holly and Deefa spent the time I was in the veg garden playing tag in the woodland, I don't know who won, but very soon the game was followed by a snooze in the sun.
We weighed Frea and Finn yesterday to see how they are doing, now they are on 2 litres of milk a day each. Well Frea has put on 2kg, Finn 1.5kg. So there is nothing much wrong with them. Tomorrow we are going to let them out of their pen in the barn so they can join the ewes and get out in the sun. In one corner of the barn, we've turned one half of a ring feeder upside down, to make a "lamb creep" so that none of the other sheep can drink their milk or eat their lamb pellets, but I bet some of the will ewes try!!!!
On Thursday I spent a very pleasant afternoon walking over 30+ acres of grassland doing some mole gassing, when a deer ran out from the adjoining woodland across the field, it stopped when it saw me and for several seconds stood watching what I was doing before continuing it's original journey across the field disappearing into the adjacent wood. I don't know who was more surprised to see who, me seeing the deer or the deer seeing me.
This coming week Tim doesn't have a trip to see his hand therapist as she's on holiday, he's still doing all his exercises and this weekend he's helped out with the sheep and the moving of a couple of hay racks, which I think he's enjoyed being out, but it's tired him out, which is good. He'll certainly sleep tonight.

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