Sunday, 25 January 2009

Sucessful worm count

On Monday I took some more ram lambs poo samples to the vet, for it to be analysed for a worm egg count to see if the wormer we have used has worked. Well it has. I spoke to the vet on Friday and the results are pretty impressive.
Strongyloids - before wormer was 600+, after wormer 0
Trichostrongyle - before wormer 3400, after wormer 50
This proves that we do not have any resistant types of worms on our land at the moment, but we will have to be very careful how much wormer we use.
Talking to the vet we will be using 2 wormers, one we inject called Dectomax just before the ewes lamb and the drench cydectin in the autumn, as well as a yearly worm count to make sure we are still on top of the worms as they can take such a tole on the sheep, especially the lambs.

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