Sunday, 4 January 2009

A busy week

Tuesday saw Pete here to help out with Missy, who had a bad limp. Turned out to be a small stone which had become stuck in the side of her hoof, which had caused a small abscess, hence her limp. A quick toe trim and she was as good as new. We had the usual trip to the hospital with Tim, then Scooby called to help me worm the ram lambs.
Wednesday, we saw the New Year in with friends in the village. We finally got to bed at 1.30
Thursday, after a not too late start, the ram lambs were moved into the small veg paddock, the 5 ewe lambs that are to go to the abattoir on Monday, moved into the barn, after I'd spread fresh straw and disinfectant powder. We'd just got all the water troughs topped up when the Savage family arrived. We had a great afternoon catching up with everyone.
Friday, a trip to our fellow smallholding friends in Teesdale, the Proud's. It was colder in Teesdale than here and we'd had our first snow of the New Year. After the usual look round their smallholding, it was back into the farmhouse for some home made soup and a catch up on how the last year had gone and plans for this year. Some of the discussion was around what tup to use in November. We are hoping that the Proud's texel ewe which has been covered by a Shropshire tup, produces a nice tup lamb that we can use later this year.
Needless to say this active social life has made Tim very tired and he spent most of Saturday catching up on his sleep with nurse Holly Dog by his side.
Today we put the trailer in place ready for Scooby to take the ewe lambs to the abattoir early tomorrow morning, and that is also the day the Resident Vandal and KD arrive.

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Freda L said...

Whilst I don't understand a lot about ram lambs and texel ewes I am loving your blog which transports me into another world, I look forward to Mondays! A Very Happy New Year to you both, we hope that Tim's hand continues to improve and you have a successful year.