Sunday, 11 January 2009

Delivering sheep in the snow

Early Monday morning Scooby delivered some sheep to the abattoir for us. Nothing unusual in that, apart from it had snowed overnight and though there was only an inch of snow, it seemed to have caught everyone unawares. Scooby's car could not get up the slope in our yard to the barn where the sheep were now penned up in our small animal trainer. Thankfully his insurance covers him to drive our 4 x 4 truck, so a quick change on the transport licence and he and Tim were away. By the time they got to Slights the snow had gone and it was an easy drive over to Brompton and the abattoir.
When I went to pick the meat up on Friday it was a lovely bright sunny day, but when I got to Slights it was thick fog over the moors to Brompton!!!!!
The lambs came back at a good weight and most of them are sold. We may be lucky and be able to keep some for ourselves. This doesn't happen very often, but we do like to do quality control from time to time.

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