Sunday, 18 January 2009

Good news from the consultant for Tim

Tim saw the consultant about his hand this week and the news is very positive. The bones have started to heal together nicely, despite all the damage and how little bone there was for the consultant to work with. Hopefully he will be able to get rid of his splint by the next time he sees the consultant in 4 weeks time. Tim still has to visit the hand therapist every week to work on the flexibility in his hand.
As well as going backwards and forwards to Middlesbrough Hospital, we've taken Isaac back home. The ewes are now enjoying the long grass on the common land and the ram lambs are busy eating the grass in Ghilli and Grommet's summer paddock, and thanks to the Hand wash programme on my washing machine, I've managed to get 3 fleeces washed ready for either dying or carding into batts in readiness for Woolfest.
Just a "run of the mill" week, this week and so far with the high winds nothing has blown away!!!

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Caroline M said...

Glad to hear about the hand.

I washed a bag of alpaca on the wool wash programme once but I've never tried it with sheep fleece.