Sunday, 25 January 2009

Dyeing fibre

It's been quite wet this weekend, so I've made use of the time inside by washing a fleece, Yellow Neck's to be precise and dyeing some alpaca fibre.

This is supposed to be "Hot Pink" - I had to add some more purple to the dye as the original colour was very red, more scarlet than pink.
This is purple, you can see that some of the fibre has more red or blue in it, depending on where it was in the dye bath.

I had some yellow and blue dye left, so I mixed them together and I'm quite pleased with the resulting green colour

Finally I did some of my favourite dyeing, rainbow dyeing, or "magic dyeing" as the Hobbit's call it. As you can see by just using red, yellow and blue, you end up with such a myriad of colours and no two dye baths are the same. It's great fun. Now all I've got to do is weigh out the 2.5kg into 50g balls and label them up. At least I can get Tim to help, all I have to do is put the correct paper into the printer and then get Tim to print out the labels!!!!


Caroline M said...

Someone is going to have a bright stall at Woolfest this year.

ladyb1 said...

The colours in your rainbow dyeing are gorgeous. How on earth did you achieve that wonderful look? My only attempt at dyeing failed...

Denise said...

Hi Caroline, yes I will have a bright stall at Woolfest this year, you'll not miss me!!!!