Sunday, 7 December 2008

What a way to spend your birthday

For poor Tim he's spent his birthday in hospital. He's in good spirits and enjoyed all the cards and presents he's been sent. He's still got his cards at the hospital but I bought all the presents home with me. Less to carry when he comes home tomorrow - hopefully.
After dashing backwards and forwards to the hospital, I've had to stock the hay racks up on a daily basis as we've had quite a bit of snow. I've had to move the ewes back into fields with shelters, thankfully they are all bucket trained, so they moved no problem, especially as the hay racks were also full of fresh hay. They will now stay in these fields until the rams are moved out in a couple of weeks time, when all the ewes will be put back together as one flock and by opening different field gates they will have access to shelter and new grass.
Today Scooby called to help change the raddle colours for Isaac and Hector, a quick job with 2, but a nightmare for me on my own. Scooby has one problem, he's very long sighted so couldn't see the split pin that holds the raddle chalk in place, but I'm so used to doing it, I can release them no problem.
The 3 ram lambs that were in the barn are now out in a small paddock as they are now not due to go to the abattoir until the New Year, and there is no reason for them to be in the barn now until after Christmas.
Well we will see what next week brings!!!!!


Jenny Holden said...

Poor Tim, hope he gets better soon.
It's such a big shock when you injure yourself like that.

So hopefully you've got lambs on the way eh? Me too! Can't wait :o)

Denise said...

Looks like we should have lambs next year, as we are now on the 3rd colour for both rams, and all of the ewes are still marked with their first raddle colour

Resident Vandal said...

At least he's in one piece and back home now, even though he can't do much for the time being! No doubt he'll be able to supervise a bit when I next put in an appearance.

Freda L said...

Just discovered your blog thanks to your letter. Poor Tim -and you, best wishes to you both. Will keep in touch

Freda L said...

Just discovered your blog thanks to your letter. Poor Tim- and you! Bets wishes to you both