Sunday, 28 December 2008

The week of Christmas

On Tuesday I went out carol singing around the farms with the rest of the singers from the local church, it was great fun and for once a mild night, so no frozen fingers and toes.
We had a quiet Christmas day, though I did manage to get out and gas some moles in one of the fields, we then spent the rest of the day watching the whole of the Lord of the Rings DVDs.
Boxing Day we went to our neighbours for open house, for Tim it was quite a long afternoon/early evening, but we both enjoyed ourselves and if we'd had to go home early because it was too much for Tim nothing would have been said. Then on Saturday my sister, brother in law, mum and the hobbits arrived. I cooked a goose for lunch, bought from a fellow smallholder, it was beautiful. I will have to get one booked for next Christmas.
So far Tim is slowly improving, sleeping less but eating more as his body repairs the damage to his hand. The last report from the consultant was positive and depending on how the x-ray looks over the next couple of weeks Tim could be without his splint in 6 weeks, which is half the time he was originally supposed to be in the splint. That aside he still has to be very careful he doesn't re-break the bones in his hand doing his exercises.
The animals have, apart from the ram lambs, been O.K though we decided to put Hector and Isaac together as there had been no aggressive behaviour between them through the hurdles that separated them. This lasted all of 5 mins as Hector decided to butt the hell out of Isaac. I had to hit Hector with a bucket to distract him enough for Isaac to dash through a gap in the hurdles and safety. Isaac is with Cecil and Archie and happy, Hector is now on his own, but can see the others and complaining. Ghillie and Grommet keep trying to be friends with Hector, but he's got a "strop on" and wants to be friends with no one!!!!
Next week is going to be a bit of a challenge for Tim, there's the village faith supper to attend, usual weekly trip to the hospital, an invite to a New Years Eve party, and a visit to a fellow smallholders, so he's going to need time to sleep to building up his strength.
Have a good New Year

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