Saturday, 6 December 2008

Latest on Tim

It's surprising how a patient can change in a few days.

The 6 hour operation on Wednesday on the the skin graft has been successful. I was snowed in on Thursday so I couldn't get to visit him, though a friend who lives 10 mins from the hospital popped in to see him that night and rang me to say that he looked well, if a little tired.

Thursday night, Tim had a bad night there were concerns about his skin graft, so it was redressed and he was given more antibiotics throughout the night. By the time I saw him on Friday afternoon, he was absolutely shattered and he felt as if he was not getting any better.

Today, after a good nights sleep, and with all the drip lines out of him, he was sat up out of bed, looking an awful lot better and he'd also been told that he may be coming home on Monday if a special light weight splint can be made up for him. So that's good news. But when he does come home he's to do absolutely nothing!!!!!

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