Sunday, 21 December 2008

What have we done this week

Our eldest godson has been with us most of the week and he's been a great help. The jobs he's managed to do are - clear out the ditch by the veg plot and another one near the back field. Cleared one of the paddocks of thistles and nettles as well as feed up and put hay in the hay racks and split wood.
On Thursday he had his first encounter with a dead sheep. We were moving the ram lambs when we saw that one of them was dead in the field. I was quite surprised how shaken he was by it. Anyway whilst we were moving the lambs, it became apparent that all was not well with a couple of the lambs, so the vet was called. It looks like we could have a strain of resistant worms in our lambs. We won't know until the results of the fecal worm count come through next week. Once we know which strain of worm we have we will know what to treat them with and what we will have to do to clear the eggs from our fields over the next few months.
We've given our eldest godson the nick name of "trainee resident vandal" because the first day he was here he managed to break the light in the garage with his head!!!!!!!!!!
On Friday we had a visit to York as I needed to call in at my office before Christmas, this is the most Tim has been up and about and by the time we got home he was exhausted.
Friday evening the Resident Vandal and KD arrived for the weekend to help out. So the generator has been given the once over, more wood chopped for me to split, the tractor moved into the barn to protect it from the winter weather, a hay rack mended and a general walk round the boundary checking the fence posts to make sure they are all still O.K after all the snow we've had, and help me look at Missy's front foot as she had a bit of a limp. He had to rugby tackle her so we could get a look at her foot. She was not going to co-operate. It was just a small stone between her toes, but if not removed can lead to more serious problems. He's back in early January for a week to tackle some of the jobs on our ever growing list.
We are now on our own for the next two weeks, apart from family visiting for Christmas, since Tim came out of hospital, which will give us the chance to get into our own routine. It's great to have help, but it's also nice to have the house to ourselves again.
A Happy Christmas to one and all.....

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