Sunday, 14 December 2008

Help arrives.....

On Wednesday our godson Ben came to stay for a few days to help out with the work that needs doing on our smallholding.
The weather during the week was cold, but dry and at times sunny, so it was a pleasure to be outside. Ben pulled out a load of thistles and nettles from one of the paddocks, it's surprising what an effect this will have on these weeds in the coming summer. He also split a load of wood, not using the condemned chop saw, but using the log splitter, as well as the usual feeding and stocking up the hay racks with hay.
On Saturday we awoke to heavy rain, and boy did it rain, we had a water plume down the back field so after feeding up there was only one place to be and that was in the house, and that's exactly what I did and spent most of the time sorting and carding some fleeces.
Today is fine, if a little foggy and the land is so wet, you really don't want to be walking on it. So I spent the day in the office, doing paperwork and changing the computerised accounts system to work out the new rate of VAT . It took for ever to do, but now it's done I won't have to do it over the Christmas holidays as I normally do.
Next week is the last full week before Christmas and despite Tim being in hospital I've got all my Christmas cards written and posted out and most of the presents sorted out. Thank goodness for on line shopping!!!!!!

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