Sunday, 14 September 2008

Veg garden, shed and spinning

The weather this weekend had been superb, sunny with no wind, so I spent this morning clearing the the veg plot of weeds and I can at long last see the sweetcorn plants. The leeks are looking a little small, hopefully they will thicken up over the next couple of months. The tomatoes in the green house are slowly turning red and are very tasty........

Tim has finished the base for my shed and as you can see there is still some water in it (bottom left of the picture). You can no doubt see that at the back and to the sides, the soil is higher than the base and if we are not careful will rest on the shed, so Tim is going to put in some sort of retaining wall, for want of a better expression, to hold the soil back.

Yesterday afternoon I ran a spinning class for 2 ladies, (Marion and Chris) who have already learnt how to spin, but needed to refine their technique and knowledge. It was a great afternoon, with lots of "How do I do" and "I didn't know that" questions. As an experienced spinner, when you are teaching someone new to spin you don't want to overload them with information and technique, so it was good to move up to the next level with Chris and Marion. Then this afternoon they both called so Marion could have a "rootle" through my stash of this year fleeces. She left with 2 beautiful fawn corridale fleeces, which are destined to become a jumper or several jumpers.
On Thursday we sent two of our ewes to the auction mart. Tim took them early and then went back to see how the sale was going. He didn't see how our 2 ewes did as they were being sold towards the end and we didn't get a phone call to say that they had not sold, so all we will have to wait for is the monies from the mart to see how well, or badly they did.
Next week we start and get the ewe lambs ready for the Rare Breeds sale at the beginning of October and hopefully I can get the shed floor painted with wood preservative.
Until next week.....

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