Sunday, 21 September 2008

Disappointing sale and a test passed

The two sheep we sent to the local auction mart to sell were sold for £20.00 each which is very disappointing and had we known how little they would have raised, we would not have sent them and probably looked for another ram to cover them. We have some friends who have a Shropshire Ram so it would have been interesting to see what they would have produced. We won't be sending any more ewe lambs to the local sales. A lesson learnt!!!
I also passed my Transport exam. Some of the questions were rather obscure, especially the one on "Sheep come from warm climates so they can go for longer without water and the first thing Sheep will graze first rather than go for water!!!!! which statement is true? Evidently the first one is and the second one is false. I got he first part wrong, but the second part right and it was the only question I got wrong. All I can say is who ever set the test obviously does not transport or keep sheep!!!!!!!!!! but now we are all legal to take our sheep to the Rare Breeds Sale in a couple of weeks time

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Caroline M said...

Would that be the famous camel-sheep then? I just don't associate sheep with warm climates because I see them in the most inhospitable countryside where nothing else would grow. I suppose they do well in Australia though and that's not exactly cold and wet.