Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The party celebrations

The weather was kind to us on the run up to the party and so we were able to get quite a few things sorted in readiness for the big day.
Saturday was fine and warm with a light breeze, just exactly what we had ordered.
Guest started arriving not long after lunch in various vehicles (cars, tractors, motorbikes and caravans) and on foot. I'd done some food, for which the "fatted lamb" had been killed for the occasion, along with a chili, rice, baked spuds, coleslaw and cheese, plus several cakes.

This is the birthday cake my friend Dawn made for me, it's a good representation of this my life!!!!!

These are some of the presents I received, I was over whelmed with the thought and kindness that had gone into my presents, though my eldest godson is very close to being scratched from my will as he bought me the cow hat (bottom left of the picture) complete with horns, so I can hide in the field with the sheep!!!!!!!!! along with hubby who got my a mug for work which has a witch on it!!
The yarn is hand dyed by one of my craft friends, the rug with the sheep on it is a hand made felted rug, again by another craft friend. There is an old book on farming at the end of the war, some unusual veg plants, several bunches of flowers as well as the basket of flowers, wrist warmers, a voucher for plants and of course a cuddly toy and several bottles of alcohol.
The party went on well into the night with several people staying over to the Sunday for a walk and a rather nice carvery lunch at our local pub.
As well as lots of people there were 8 dogs at the party, they all got home made doggy biscuits and their names are Holly and Deefa (our 2), KD (Resident Vandal's pooch), Hamish, Oscar and Tipo (often called Teapot or Dave), The Savages Pooches and finally Bill and Lou, Frayalyn and Mark's dogs, not forgetting the 12 week old kitten also belonging to the Savages. With all the dogs around, it could have been a recipe for a rather large fight, but nothing happened, they all played together really well. So all in all a good weekend. Phillippa stayed until today and we've spent since Sunday afternoon doing crafty things with fleeces, hence the lateness of the blog and not because I was recovering from the party, but more about what we've been doing another night!!!!

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