Sunday, 7 September 2008

I think we might have enough wood cut for the winter

As you can see we've got a lot of wood cut and split this weekend. With all the rain we had on Friday the land is too wet to be on, so we decided to set too and cut and split some wood!!!! It's 6 rows deep. That should keep us reasonably warm this winter.

On the few dry days we've had this week Tim has managed to get the base for my shed set up, but after the recent rain, the base looks like a mini swimming pool. Thankfully the edge where the shed will sit is above the water, but I'm going to have to ensure that shed floor is well and truly protected with wood preservative, and when the barn has dried out, I may be able to get the shed floor painted.

We're selling 2 of our ewes at our local auction mart on Thursday, it's the first time we've done this so it will be interesting to see what price they will fetch. We've also got 3 cull ewes to go, but at the moment the price of cull ewes is rock bottom so we will wait until the new year, we've got plenty of grass and they will be company for Emma, (our pedigree Shetland lamb we have bred,) when we need to separate her off from the rest of the ewes when we put the ram in. I can't believe we're nearly round to tupping time again. Where has this year gone? Whilst we were in the barn cutting the wood, I noticed that the swallows have left for warmer climes!!!!!!!!

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