Sunday, 17 August 2008

Where has this summer gone????

After yet another wet week, where it is better to stay off the land because it is so boggy, not a lot has got done this week.
Tim has made a start on chopping the wood for the wood burning stoves for the winter, a job we always intended to start at the beginning of the summer and have a slow steady plod at cutting the wood, but as always it will be a mad frenzy of activity over the next couple of months to lay enough wood down to last us all winter.
The weather did finally dry up in Friday and through on into Saturday so we were able to vaccinate the animals with the Blue Tongue Vaccine (BT8V). Our smallholder friend, Jayne came across to help with the vaccinations and as always when we have the sheep in, we check their feet, and this time we also gave them a mineral dose and a worming drench. Jayne was very impressed by our sheep handling system and it's gone on her Christmas list. She has a bad neck so handling sheep can be quite sore, but using the crush she found it very easy to do and the sheep are not at all stressed.
I'd got 70ml of BT8V and it was a close run thing that we had sufficient vaccine. I think we had a couple of doses spare, that's all. But now everyone is protected, so that's all the matters.
With all this we weather we've not been able to give Layla a second dose of antibiotics for her abscess and it was good to see that it had gone down and was healing nicely. As all the animals have been vaccinated we can't give them any other medication by injection for the next two weeks, it reacts with the BT8V, so we will not be able to give Layla anymore anitbiotics. Checking all the animals this morning they all looked O.K, none were showing any reaction to the vaccine.
The other reason Jayne came to help, was that she's bought one of our little ram lambs for breeding so after he'd had all his medication he was put into her trailer to take home. Not too far though, just into the next village less than 3 miles away.
With it raining again today, we decided to have a bit of a lazy day and have spent some time watching the Olympics, especially the rowing and sailing. Just occasionally it's nice to chill and "do nothing" apart from feed the animals, walk the dogs, do animal movements paperwork, the VAT!!! Yes a very lazy day.........
Next week it's Egton Show and the Hobbits arrive to stay for a few days..............

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