Sunday, 31 August 2008

At last a fine, dry week......

Well that was until this afternoon when it started to rain, but it' not a bad as had been forecast a couple of days ago, where we were due to have heavy thunder storms.
Despite the fine weather it's been a quiet week here. Tim has got some more wood cut and split, we now have enough for a couple of months, to last the winter we need 3 times as much, but it's a start. He's built the base for my shed and made a start on getting the area level where it's to go. The truck passed it's MOT with flying colours and I got some winter veg plants (cabbage, cauliflowers and sprouting broccoli) which I planted out in the new deep bed.
We got the mutton back from the abattoir, we're using a new one this time. The meat arrived neatly butchered, labeled and packaged, ready to go into the freezer. We were very impressed. They also notified us that one of the livers had been condemned. Checking the results with the vet, he confirmed it was a tape worm, but not the type that is a serious problem within our flock, but we now have to ensure that our farm cats and dogs are wormed every 3 months, as the dogs are carriers for this type of tape worm!!!!!!!!! That's something I didn't know, so I've now got to find an inventive way of getting a worm tablet into each of the 3 barn cats, and not end up with shredded hands and arms. The dogs will be very easy I'll just hide the tablets in a tasty tit bit, easily fooled!!!!!!!!!!!!

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