Sunday, 3 August 2008

A weekend dealing with the sheep

On Saturday we moved the ewes from their existing paddock into the paddock with the Wiltshire Horn ewes and whilst they were all running past me I noticed that Layla was limping on her nearside rear foot. Now it's two weeks since we weaned her from her lambs and her limping could be an indication of her starting with mastitis. But a quick check revealed nothing more serious than her hoof needed trimming, her udder didn't feel hot or lumpy, so that's a relief.
Today we decided to spray all the lambs with Crovect against fly strike. Deefa was an absolute star moving the ram lambs, once they were in the holding area it was a case of first catch you sheep!!! Thankfully none of the ram lambs had been struck, but with the ewes it was a different story, 2 had got fly strike, so they have been cleaned up and instead of going back onto the common land, they are in the paddock near the barn so we can keep a better eye on these 2 ewes. Spraying them with Crovect should now protect them for a good 12 weeks against fly strike.
The forecast for the weekend was for heavy rain and on Saturday, after I had sprayed our yard with weed killer, there was a thunder storm, so I think I will have to spray the yard again. Today it was supposed to rain this afternoon, so after we had sprayed the lambs, I decided to cut the grass in the woodland, watching the sky for the first signs of rain, but despite some very dark clouds, nothing happened and so I managed to get it finished. It took around 3 hours as the grass had got so long with the wet weather over the last week.
We had our first cabbage from my veg garden tonight, and the tomatoes are coming along really well in the greenhouse. I did manage to get some weeding done in the veg garden, but it's going to have to be a concerted effort to rescue the leeks from the weeds.
During the coming week I must do the VAT!!!!!! and arrange with a fellow smallholder when we are going to inject our sheep with the Blue Tongue Vaccine, we've need 75 doses and have had to order a 100 doses, (the vaccine comes in 50 and 20 doses) whereas my friends need 55 doses, so has ordered 50 doses and is buying the extra doses they need from me. Sound complicated, but it's not, just need to get it done within 8 hours....... Oh for a quiet life occasionally!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Have just found your blog after linking to your site from my blog. Sounds just like you.

I have told you that we'd love to come in September, haven't I? If not, we're definitely coming. It'll be great fun.

Enjoy your cabbage.