Wednesday, 13 August 2008

R.I.P Lotty

Doing the usual morning check of the stock, Tim found Lotty curled up as if she was asleep in the small paddock by the barn. She'd passed away during the night.
She was one of our original herd of sheep and last winter we were advised by the vet that she may not make it, but she did and through most of the summer.
We realised on Sunday that her days may be numbered and had thought we may have to call the vet to "put her to sleep" in the very near future. It will seem strange her not coming to the fence for a quick rub of her nose and a handful of sheep nuts.

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Caroline M said...

They say that bad things go in threes and if I count right this is your third loss. Old age comes to us all I suppose, I hope that I leave curled up in my sleep (although I'm not bothered about it being in a paddock)