Sunday, 10 August 2008

A shed vandalised without the help of the resident vandal

After dealing with the sheep this morning, we decided to empty my garden shed so that we could take it apart to create the space for my new shed.
Considering the shed was starting to lean and parting from it's base, it should have been easy to knock down!!!!!!
As the roof had at some time been repaired with tin sheet, it was very heavy, so Tim decided to take the sides out so that we could push the shed backwards to get at the roof.
We started by taking the glass out of the windows then Tim removed one of the sides which made the shed sway rather dangerously in the high winds. Carrying the sides, front and back of the shed into the barn was entertaining, we were very nearly hand gliding down to Sandsend on more than one or two occasions.
After a couple of hours the shed was no more and the reason why it was so unsteady was easy to see once we picked the floor up, the shed had been set on the soil and rats and rabbits had buried under the shed.
My new shed will be set on a frame of tanalised wood and bigger than my old one so I should be able to find all my gardening tools a lot easier.
Next week we will be vaccinating the animals against Blue Tongue, I picked up the vaccine yesterday from the vets. Whilst we have all the sheep in we will also do some routine work on them, feet trimming, worm the lambs and generally have a good look at them all, it's amazing what you can tell about the health of a sheep.
Will post next week about how the vaccinations go.............

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