Sunday, 1 June 2008

Too much grass!!!!!

It had to happen, we have too much grass, but not sufficient to leave a field empty for hay, if that makes sense. The sheep at present are in the back field, which we recon the grass will last them for another week, then they will need moving to another field. The ones that are empty at present, the grass is just short of knee level in height, too long for the sheep to eat, so Tim is going to have to top them over the coming week.
We will be moving the rams back into their field, as they have eaten the grass down sufficiently in the Alpaca paddock, so that Ghilli and Grommet can be moved from the paddock they are in at present, (which needs the docks and thistles knocking down, and a light sprinkling of fertiliser), into this one. You would think that now the better weather is here, life would be easier, but managing the grass is at times a logistics nightmare.
This week the weather has been cold, but yesterday was warm and sunny, so we managed to get the bases finished for the greenhouses and the plan was to set them up in concrete today, but this morning we woke to low cloud and rain. The only problem being, the alpacas are being sheared tomorrow, so they are now in the barn to dry out, unfortunately until 2 days ago the sheep were still using the barn, so it's not been cleared out. Not an ideal situation for shearing as the last thing I want is hay and straw in the fibre, but if I have to spend some time picking over the fibre, then that is what I will have to do. The alpaca shearer visits just once a year as he works his way down the country and ready or not, he's here and the forecast for tomorrow is the same as today!!!! Oh joy.

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Caroline M said...

All these things that I never have to think about - grass management. I'm glad I just have to threaten mine with a mower from time to time.