Monday, 26 May 2008

A busy week and a fine Bank Holiday

Tim has been busy digging the bases for the greenhouses, now that the planting wall hiding the drains is finished, he's been able to put the spoil from the greenhouse bases in there. He's worked out we need 4 cubic metres of soil, so fat he's move 2!!!!!!
The Resident Vandal and partner have been visiting this weekend. On Saturday we went to a farm sale and picked up one or two items, thankfully we'd taken the trailer with us. Our friend Ed was more than pleased that we'd the trailer as he'd bought a ride on mower and so we delivered it for him on our way home.
Ed does chain saw sculptures and he's created a herd of deer from wood which from a distance they are so life like. He'd also carved several rabbits and a very impressive owl.
What none of us realised, was that the sun was very warm, but with a cool breeze, we have all got very red faces. Tim, as usual, was wearing a hat and he's got a tide mark on his forehead. By the time we got back from the sale it was time to feed the sheep and have tea, a visit to our local pub, as usual.
Sunday and again another fine day. Mrs R.V and I did some arboreal vandalism, cutting back the branches of the tress that are in the way when I cut the grass in the woodland, any branch that was below my head height was removed. Tim and RV worked on Mrs R.V's car as well as lots of little jobs that are not urgent, but need to be done, like repairing one of the pallets that the wood stands on.
In the afternoon my work colleague Ian, called with some of his London friends and their 4 year old daughter who, up until yesterday, had not seen a sheep, let alone hand fed them!!! As our sheep are very accommodating, as soon as I rattled the food bucket they came running to be fed sheep nuts through the gate. She very quickly got the hang of feeding the sheep, to the point of instructing her Dad on the right way to feed the sheep, hands on hip style!!!!!
Today, contrary to the weathermen, was another fine day, so I manged to get the grass cut in the woodland, speeded up by the removal of the low level tree branches, and start to get the fibre ready for Woolfest. Tim and RV rotovated some more of the veg area, so it's slowly being cleared. We also picked up Lucy and Winky who have spent the winter at Sharon's smallholding, eating the long grass down, which they have done and are looking very well.
I emailed the sheep shearer this weekend to see if he can shear the sheep before I go to Woolfest at the end of June. He's starting to put his schedule together over the next few days so I will let you know when he's due to call.

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