Sunday, 22 June 2008

Fencing with the Resident Vandal

The Resident Vandal arrived on Tuesday night, along with Kiera Dog, for a few days of fencing. The original plan was to put up some temporary fencing to protect the newly laid hedge on the common land, replace and move a piece of fence between two fields and some fencing to protect a hedge I'd laid a couple of years ago, against the sheep, next to the backfield.
But as usual here, it didn't all go to plan!!!
On Wednesday they managed to get the new fence in place by the short hedge, but in the process of moving the other fence and removing a piece of old fencing that joined it. Tim and RV realised that on closer inspection the piece that needed replacing was not just a few metres, but more nearer 50 metres, and as a consequence ran out of Rylok fencing. So they had to go our local agricultural merchants (BATA) to get some more. This would be the first of several return trips to BATA.
Thursday was spent finishing off what they'd started on Wednesday as well as making a start on the 100m of fencing on the common land, and another trip to BATA for some fencing posts!!!
Friday - part of the morning was used up with the abortive shearing, but then after lunch cracked on with getting the wire laid out on the common land to knock the post in. Again another trip to BATA for some more Rylock fencing wire.
Saturday saw them get all of the post knocked in for the fence on the common land before it rained, and today Tim stapled the fence wire to the posts.
It's been 4 very hard days work, 200m of new fencing is now in place and the new hedges are protected from the sheep.

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