Sunday, 15 June 2008

Paddock maintenace week

It's been a busy week for Tim in between the showers. He got managed spread fert and grasstrac (mineral supplement) to the summer alpaca field, knock some temporary posts in against the hedge in a small paddock so the sheep can't eat it and finished off the base for my second greenhouse. This weekend he's topped 3 paddocks, 2 because the grass is so long and the 3rd because the docks and thistles are just starting the flower and this is the best time to cut them down.
Today we gave the lambs their second heptovac injection, they are now covered for the next 6 months, and when we are finally able to inject against Blue tongue, all routine injections will be up to date.
We've also decided to give the ewes additional feed as they are looking a little thin, this often happens at this stage of them feeding their lambs, it's a matter of watching them and making sure they are O.K.
The veg garden is coming along and we're slowly getting it all dug over. I planted out the sprouts and cabbage plants as well as some additional red cabbage and salad plants in the greenhouse. The sweetcorn plants will need planting out very soon as they are growing well in their pots.
Now that the wooded area is well fenced, Holly is able to run around without disappearing, she and Deefa have had a great time playing tag.
Ghilli and Grommet are now residing in their summer paddock and are enjoying being next to Charlie, Hector, Cecil, Archie, Angus and Alex. Ghilli and Grommet are so easy to move, open the gates of the fields you want them in, walk in front of them, calling them and they just follow you. The sheep on the other hand move better with the aid of a dog and Deefa is certainly earning his stripes as a sheep dog. We are now using him without a lead, and apart from the occasional lapse in concentration, he's moving the sheep really well. At one point today he was in the handling area, laying down, as instructed, whilst Tim and I got the last few lambs into the barn, they were running over Deefa and he didn't bat on eyelid, he just stayed there. Deefa did have the final word, or bark, when we moved the sheep and lambs back, he took a great deal of delight in moving them at speed!!!!
Next week the Sheep Shearer cometh...............

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