Sunday, 8 June 2008

High speed wrapping fleeces and a greenhouse built

As you will have read I volunteered to wrap fleeces for another farm at Goldsborough. They have 150 sheep some Texals, but mostly mules (many with Masham parentage). What I didn't realise was that there would be 2 shearers working, with 2 people catching and turning the sheep for the shearers, so I was wrapping for 2 shearers. After the first hour, 75 sheep had been sheared and wrapping that many fleeces, I had certainly worked up a sweat. After a mid morning break, the rest were sheared, the final sheep to be sheared were the very large Texal tups, who needed two people to turn them over for shearing. We started at 09.30 and we were having lunch at 12.15 and this included a 30 min mid morning break.
Today the weather has been brilliant, sunny all day with very little or no wind, Tim got the frame of the greenhouse in place, having built the base during the week, and has now fitted all the glass, so I now have a functioning greenhouse and a promise of tomato plants from the hedge laying Hollands, along with other veg plants for my small veg garden. Which is doing quite well at the moment, the onions, parsnips, beetroot are growing really well, along with the french beans and leeks that I planted this weekend. I've got sweetcorn and red cabbage plants growing in seed trays in readiness to be planted out later this month. We will be far from self sufficient in veg, but every little helps.
Our sheep shearer rang this week, and he could come today or Wednesday of next week, neither of which is any good to us, so he'll be here some time after the 18th June, so we had better get the barn cleaned out and the handling areas set up in readiness for his arrival....
More next week, when all the lambs are to have their second heptovac injections and we will probably worm all the ewes and lambs as well.

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