Sunday, 15 April 2007

Saturday 14th April - Visit to the vets & a Farm Sale

Deefa our sheep dog likes to roll in all things smelly, well this time it has got him into trouble. He rolled in some fox poo earlier in the week, we noticed a few bumps on his nose, and then on Thursday we noticed a few scratches. We thought he'd been wearing Grayling, our farm cat. But on Friday when his nose was red, swollen and weeping a visit to the vet was urgently needed. So Saturday morning saw us sat in the vets. Evidently it's mites associated with foxes and Deefa has had an allergic reaction to them. So he's had 2 injections and is now on a weeks course of antibiotics. Because the mites are contagious, Holly our other dog also has to be treated with a preventative treatment. She's not happy!!!!

After taking Deefa to the vets, we went on to a farm sale. It was a change to be able to wonder around in the sun and look at all the bits and pieces of equipment for sale. Normally at these sales we are in full rain gear and trying to find a place to shelter from the wind. We managed to catch up with neighbours and friends. We arrange with Dave "The bunny bopper" to call and cull the increasing number of rabbits on our land. We did buy a couple of piece of equipment, as did our neighbours, so it was ideal that we had taken the trailer. A good day all round


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