Monday, 16 April 2007

Amber delivers a beautiful ewe lamb and Lilly surprises

Amber produced a beautiful ewe lamb this morning, again discovered when Tim went to feed Dougal his morning feed. Amber's lamb is a flecket yuglet and we will have to think of a name for her. We still haven't thought of one for Berniece's lamb yet. We let Berniece and her lamb out of the lambing shed this morning, they are both doing well out in the paddock with all the other lambs.

Feeding up this evening we noticed one of the ewes hanging around the fence in the far corner of the field. At first glance we thought it was either Astrid or Anya looking for their lambs, but a scan round the rest of the ewes we quickly realised it was Lilly who was by the fence with her lamb, a beautiful black ewe lamb. We decided to leave them out in the paddock as the lamb was up and about and feeding well. Lilly would only get distressed if we try to put her in a lambing pen, she has a tendency to be a little wild, but a great mum. Another name required for this little lady.

Only 4 ewes left to lamb, Lucy, Lotty, Layla and Amy. Layla is due on Wednesday, but we decided to pen her tonight just in case she decides to have her lamb early.


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